#40: Find your own image – Cinematographer Swapnil Sonawane

In order find your own voice as an artist you need to find your own image and be true to yourself and the craft. Listen to the episode as we discuss more about cinematography and cinema in this interview with Bollywood Cinematographer Swapnil Sonawane. Things discussed in the episode: Swapnil’s journey to cinematography Relationship between

#39: Channel your energy in the right way – Director Rishab Shetty

If you think it is very hard, why do you want to come to cinema? That’s what Rishab responded when I asked how to get through hard phase in cinema. Listen to the episode as I interview Rishab Shetty, Kannada film director to discuss a lot of things about filmmaking includes his journey, what skills

#38: Don’t do it for fame or money – Sound Designer Nithin Lukose

If you remove music and video from the film and listen to only audio, it should create a picture in your mind and still be able to convey the story. Sound is a crucial part of the film and also one of my favorite departments in the process of filmmaking. I recorded this conversation with

#37: Lessons from podcast interviews

I believe in the concept “You are the average of 5 people you surround yourself with”. 2017 was really an amazing year especially my podcasting journey. I decided to surround myself with filmmakers to learn from them and get influenced. I had to step out of the comfort zone and interview these filmmakers. Each and