#18: Planning is key in cinematography - Talen Claude

#18: Planning is key in cinematography - Talen Claude

Sep 07, 2017 / Raghunath S / Cinematography

What is there is the frame is as important as what is not there in the frame. Listen to the episode as host of the show Raghunath takes you through journey of Talen Claude. Also find out how he is making a living out his profession that is video production.

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About Talen Claude: Talen is a Cinematographer from Bengaluru who works extensively on Corporate & Wedding Films. He has worked on many projects across India and chooses them depending on his schedule and suitability. Donning several feathers on his cap, Talen’s experience is vast. He has worked at DNA India for Page 3, Night Life and Lifestyle Photography, Event Photography for different media houses, DOP and Associate Director for regional filmmakers. After getting the necessary foundation from photojournalists, he worked with some of the top-notch photographers in India. Coming from the media background, Talen is not only good with his practical skills but also well versed with the theory of photography. He is also good with image editing, a skill he picked up while working in different organisations.


  • Talen’s journey of video production
  • Why script is important
  • What you need to write in script for Cinematographer
  • Cinematographer and Director relationship
  • Experience of film marketing
  • Mistakes he has made and you can avoid
  • Tips for aspiring Cinematographers

Favorite Quotes:

"It might be just one scene for you, it might go one or one and half seconds but when it comes to the production of it, there is a lot of work has been involved"

"Keep it simple. Don’t try to over-complicate things by starting to move your camera, lens and subject"

"When you are shooting you need to think like an editor. You need to know exactly what is your end product. Without having that picture in mind please don’t go and start shooting"

Where to find Talen: Facebook, Instagram, Aadyaa Productions, YouTube

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