#19: What modern day filmmakers miss - Kiran Kumar

#19: What modern day filmmakers miss - Kiran Kumar

Sep 07, 2017 / Raghunath S / Interviews

Like they say every taxi driver in LA has a script, every DSLR person who knows how to shoot has a film story. But what it really takes to be a modern filmmaker? Listen to the episode as host of the show Raghunath S, takes you through Kiran Kumar’s filmmaking journey.

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Things discussed:

  • Kiran’s filmmaking journey
  • What can we get from film school
  • Importance of casting in cinema
  • How to build a team for short film
  • Getting the best out of meetup groups
  • Pitching the story to producers
  • Step by step process of making a short film

Favorite Quotes:

"What Film Schools provide is the environment. They put all the dreamers in one place. You can connect with anyone instantly and imagine how many things are possible."

"I can’t see any struggles because the whole filmmaking process is a struggle"

"What modern day filmmakers miss is they don’t know VFX. They are not well versed with the digital process of the filmmaking. All they have is a passion and good script."

Where to find Kiran: Facebook Profile, Bloody Director

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