#10: Film School, Academics and Convocations

Look around your friend circle, how many film students are graduating with significant student loans or parents struggling to pay film school fees. Even though it doesn’t sound good about film school, why do you go to film school? There are reasons to exchange 2 years of part-time 6-months of your life for a significant

#9: Things I do before I start shooting a short film

Every short filmmaker does his own things before beginning the shooting of his film. However, there are few common things every filmmaker does. Listen to the episode as host of the show Raghunath takes you through what are the things he does. This episode is brought to you by Eyevory Tower Productions.

#8: Why Do We Need A Camera Shot List?

Well, we all make mistakes especially during our initial stages we make them a lot – otherwise how else do we grow?. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn without making mistakes. You don’t need a shot list if you are somebody like Christopher Nolan or any other big shot who can visualise most

#7: Experience of Shooting – Bad Girl

Every film we make is an experience. We make a lot of mistakes and at the same time learn a lot from those mistakes. Especially in short films stage – it’s more of experimenting a lot of things. In this week’s episode, host of the show Raghunath takes you through his experience of shooting this