#34: Be nice to people – Film director Saad Khan

Filmmaking is a very laborious process. “We need to be committed to the process and be nice to people at the same time” says Saad Khan. Find out more as host of the show Raghunath interviews Saad to address questions raised by aspiring filmmakers. Takeaways from the episode: How to ask better questions Why preparation

#33: Success shouldn’t come to you easily – Cinematographer Nandhakishore Rao

Cinematography is not just about pressing the record button it’s everything that happens before and after pressing the record button. Listen to the interview as host of the show Raghunath interviews Bangalore based cinematographer Nandhakishore N Rao. Takeaways from the episode: Skills needed to become cinematographer Composition – tips to get it right Planning a

#32: If planning is correct on the script, schedule will look beautiful – Rohit Padaki

Preparation is a crucial stage in filmmaking process that said – writing a quality screenplay requires maximum attention. Listen to the interview as host of the show Raghunath interviews Rohit Padaki, film director from Kannada cinema. About Rohit: Rohit Padaki is a film director and screenwriter predominantly works in Kannada cinema.  before becoming a filmmaker, Rohit

#31: Observation, practice & patience are major requirements in film editing – Jagadeesh

In this week’s episode, we cover film editing and what are the key ingredients to be a film editor. Listen to the episode as host of the show Raghunath interviews film editor Jagadeesh. Takeaways from the episode:  Importance of storytelling in editing How to speed up the editing process Skills needed for film editor On