#15: 5 Things First Time Film Directors Need to Know

#15: 5 Things First Time Film Directors Need to Know

Aug 01, 2017 / Raghunath S / Film Direction

Well you might have heard or experienced in your life at one stage ‘first love is always a memorable one’. Think of the first movie? Memorable - for sure yes. Think of the hard side of it: if there is anything that’s even harder than making a movie, it’s making your first movie. We might make a lot of mistakes in the first film and it might teach a lot but it doesn’t mean that you need to jump off and make the film. Listen to the episode as I discuss 5 things first time directors need to know in this episode.

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  • Script is everything - make it your best friend
  • Storyboard the entire film
  • Assembling the right cast and crew
  • Schedule and finish on time - don’t delay the shoot for long time
  • Stay positive and keep moving

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