Dedicated solely for those who have a passion for the art of filmmaking, Eyevory Tower Podcast is hosted by a Bangalore based filmmaker Raghunath. This podcast not only helps you learn the art and the various techniques of filmmaking, but will also give you tips and ideas that will assist you in making your own film. With every podcast, you will learn something new, as our host is committed to share his understanding and knowledge of filmmaking and discusses several topics that include - directing, screenplay, ideas, short films, successful filmmakers, film marketing and other areas of film cinema. Our podcasts also include interviews of other filmmakers who will give you insights of what it takes to survive in this industry and thrive to do what you are passionate about.


Raghunath is a Bangalore based filmmaker & podcast host. He did his MS in Communication from St Joseph’s College and started his career as a Journalist in Times Group. After realising his true passion for films, he left media and joined a corporate company. Later he did a weekend course in Film Editing from Bangalore based production house FFVA. After starting his own production house Eyevory Tower, Raghunath made his debut short film Precious Blue (2016) to spread awareness on saving water.

Precious Blue Short Film:

Why can't we live on the other planets of the universe? Water is the answer, and by wasting that we are only endangering our lives and our possibility to live on the Earth as well. To spread the awareness with regards to conservation of water and the importance of water shortage in Bangalore, Eyevory Tower Production gives you 'Precious Blue', directed by Raghunath S.

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Eyevory Tower Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Bangalore based filmmaker Raghunath S.
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