#17: What it takes to be a screenwriter – With Prarthana

Talent and skills are an integral part of a filmmaker. If you have talent that’s not enough, you need to learn and master the skills to work on your talent. How do you apply these skills to screenwriting and what it takes to be a screenwriter? Listen to the interview as host of the show

#6: 5 Proven Tips To Become A Better Screenwriter

Thank you so much for joining this filmmaking community. This is an online weekly radio show on learning filmmaking – a platform for filmmakers. In this week’s episode – host of the show and filmmaker from Bengaluru, Raghunath takes you through 5 Proven tips to become a better screenwriter.

#4: What we can learn about screenwriting by watching films

Thank you so much for joining this filmmaking community – I am your host your Bengaluru huduga Raghunath S. If you are new to this show, this is the platform I am creating for filmmakers like you and me where we can exchange knowledge and improve our skills. In this week’s episode, I talk about