#36: Prepare then pitch – Film producer Krishna Sarthak

In this week’s podcast episode, we dedicate the entire conversation to address questions related to film producer. If you are a filmmaker who have questions for producer, then this is for you. Listen to the episode as host of the show Raghunath interviews Dayavittu Gamanisi fame producer Krishna Sarthak. Takeaways from the episode: Job and

#35: Learn from life, not films – Cinematographer Karm Chawla

This week’s filmmaking podcast is dedicated to cinematography. However, I also discuss a lot of other things about life with cinematographer Karm Chawla. Listen to the episode and enjoy the conversation. About Karm Chawla: Karm Chawla is an Indian cinematographer currently works in south Indian film industry. He has worked as an assistant for Bollywood

#34: Be nice to people – Film director Saad Khan

Filmmaking is a very laborious process. “We need to be committed to the process and be nice to people at the same time” says Saad Khan. Find out more as host of the show Raghunath interviews Saad to address questions raised by aspiring filmmakers. Takeaways from the episode: How to ask better questions Why preparation

#33: Success shouldn’t come to you easily – Cinematographer Nandhakishore Rao

Cinematography is not just about pressing the record button it’s everything that happens before and after pressing the record button. Listen to the interview as host of the show Raghunath interviews Bangalore based cinematographer Nandhakishore N Rao. Takeaways from the episode: Skills needed to become cinematographer Composition – tips to get it right Planning a