#17: What it takes to be a screenwriter - With Prarthana

#17: What it takes to be a screenwriter - With Prarthana

Aug 15, 2017 / Raghunath S / Interviews

Talent and skills are an integral part of a filmmaker. If you have talent that’s not enough, you need to learn and master the skills to work on your talent. How do you apply these skills to screenwriting and what it takes to be a screenwriter? Listen to the interview as host of the show Raghunath takes you through Prarthana's journey with lot of tips on filmmaking.

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About Prarthana:
Prarthana is a writer from Bengaluru. She has written screenplay for around 9 films and has worked in various departments of filmmaking. After completing literature from St Joseph's College, Prarthana started working in a corporate company in Bengaluru. Having the day job one side she manages her passion whenever she gets free time. Two of her films on public forum have received overwhelming response, the other are doing the rounds in film festivals and in various stages of post-production.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Prarthana’s journey into the world of cinema
  • Importance of family in your career
  • Struggles she faced during her career
  • How to handle criticism
  • Process of getting film ideas
  • How to convert ideas into films
  • Tools for screenwriting
  • Tips for aspiring screenwriters

Favorite Quotes:

On psychology:

People are so bored of cliches like preachy films. Do this, behave this way or you will suffer. People are tired of hearing that preachy tone in the films or literature. If you give them something shocking, their attention will be grabbed immediately

On Creativity:
I don’t think creativity can be learnt. It is a natural raw talent and instinct that you have in you

On Communication:
Please be in constantly touch with your director. In every stage tell the director this is how the writing is and this is how the character is going out, this is how the story is going. You don’t have to put your heart out and finish your entire draft and when you go to the director and he scraps the whole thing

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